• Simply Packaging Group

    We are proud to be a trusted market leader in packaging products and can name some of the world’s leading importers/consolidators, Retail & Courier brands as our most valuable customers.

  • Industry leaders in blown film extrusion

    Our large force of state-of-the-art extruders run 24 hours a day 7 days a week produceing over 16,000 metric ton of film per year giving us the ability to offer our customers low lead times and an excellent service. Our advanced extruders convert world class resins into films with tailored formulations that suit our customers’ needs.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturing Facility

    we have a state-of-the-art lab with the latest equipment, running quality tests for our products. All raw materials and components sourced are from facilities that are ethically certified and qualified to appropriate industry standards.

Premium Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Simply Packaging Group can produce and supply over 12,000 metric tons of bespoke polyethylene bags and film a year. Founded In 2005, we have over 30 years of collective management experience In polyethylene manufacturing.


Premium Blown FIlm Extrusion

Our blown film portfolio serves a rich and diverse client base with numerous applications within a range of markets. Our film is manufactured using advanced technologies to perform as per your needs.

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Rotogravure Printing

From printed packaging for retail bags to courier bags, collation shrink film and garbage bags. Operating with both in-line and offline printers, we are equipped with the top polythene printing capabilities in the region.

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Cutting Edge Bag Converting

With our industry leading 19 conversion machines, we are able to convert our premium grade film into a variety of finished products whether it be bespoke courier bags, retail loop handle bags or bags on roll.

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With a variety of industry-leading bespoke bags and films, we are at the top on a global scale for being an outstanding supplier. Our 30 years of collective experience and insights In the industry has allowed us to design and produce bespoke products that will perform better and provide world class results, giving our customers the undeniable confidence in their brand.

Years of experience

Team members


Working within an industry such as ours, we above all understand the inevitable impact It can have on our environment. As a result, we have a responsibility to protect our environment and aim to reduce any effect to an absolute minimum. For example, we have invested heavily into a closed loop recycling system which has allowed us to turn all our In-house waste polyethylene back into its raw pellet form for use back into recycled content products.

Delivering World-Class Quality

Our dedicated Quality Assurance & Technical Services Laboratory employs rigorous checking and traceability methods to ensure all products meet specifications and that the highest standards of manufacture are maintained throughout the production cycle.

Our Quality Standards

A company Customers can Trust

Our customers trust us to produce and deliver outstanding bespoke premium products on time, every time, no matter where In the world they are. We export 85% of our products to an international and diverse client base who range from major retail & e-commerce brands to major courier brands. Our customers know we are experts In our field and Is the main reason we can see a future together with all of our customers.

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