Being innovators, we inspire to do all we can and invest all we can in the products we manufacture and supply. Today we exploit the advances in conversion technology to provide for our customers’ needs.

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Advanced Film Conversion


Customised Solutions


Endless Possibilities

Having over 19 conversion machines and growing, we have given ourselves space to adapt and provide a variety of world class products for an ever-changing market.

With our industry leading 19 conversion machines, we are able to convert our premium grade film into a variety of finished products whether it be bespoke courier bags, retail loop handle bags or even garbage bags on roll.

We are able to manufacture and supply as per your needs. We also offer more bespoke options, including perforations, handles, suffocation holes, hang holes, resealable strips, permanent strips & many more.

Keeping the environment in mind, all our waste generated throughout the conversion process is recycled and reprocessed in house for a better commitment towards our environment.