Die Cut Handle Bags /
Reinforced Handle Bags

High Quality Reinforced Handle Bags

The use of Die cut Handle Bags / Reinforced Handle Bags is primarily intended for retail brands of all types. We have the capability of providing uninterrupted surfaces for printing up to 8 colours using our high-quality printing process. These bags can also be made with or without a turn over top. A turn over top will provide the bag with better strength and weight capacity. We are also able to make the bag using recycle content, keeping your carbon footprint in mind.

Minimum Maximum
Micron (µ) 38 150
Width (mm) 200 1,000
Length (mm) 200 1,000
Side Gusset size (mm) 50 150
Bottom Gusset size (mm) 50 150
Turn Over Top size (mm) Minimum: 80
Seal Type Side Seal / Bottom Seal
Printing Capabilities Up to 8 Colours
Handle Type POH / Banana Shape

Our Die Cut Handle bags are accessible in a range of design options to suit all requirements

Reinforced handle type available

Can be supplied in a variety of colours

Full range of sizes and thicknesses

Different type of handle shapes available

Strong and durable handles

Printing available, giving you the utmost quality and capacity for printing your brand

Design team at hand to help you with your needs

World class quality guaranteed