Repack bags

High Quality Mailing Bags

Whether your company repacks garments or magazines, our repack bags will provide your products with protection and improve the overall presentation of your products.

We can produce a bespoke range of repack bags for your specific requirements ensuring all your repacked products are presented consistently at their best. All of our polythene repack bags are manufactured in using a high clarity material that displays your product at its very best.

Minimum Maximum
Micron (µ) 38 150
Width (mm) 150 1,000
Length (mm) 150 1,000
Lip size (mm) 40 100
No. Glue Strips 1
Seal Type Side Seal Only
Printing Capabilities Up to 8 Colours

Our Repack bags are accessible in a range of design options to suit all requirements

Our blends are geared towards your specific needs

Can be supplied in a variety of colours

Full range of sizes and thicknesses

High quality Resealable tapes used

High clarity material used to showcase your brand/product

Printing available, giving you the utmost quality and capacity for printing your brand

Design team at hand to help you with your needs

World class quality guaranteed