Poly Mailers

Polythene mailing bags are our specialism here at Simply Packaging Group and all the bags we manufacture are specifically engineered to ensure your products reach their destinations safely and securely.

High Quality Mailing Bags

Our mailing bags are constructed with a bottom fold and strong, heat sealed sides for superior bursting strength. The self-seal adhesive closure method is reliable, tamper-evident and easy to use. With our ongoing investment in technologically advanced machinery we are proud to say that we are the largest mailing bag manufacturer in Malaysia with a capacity to produce over 300 Million mailing bags a year. Our mailing bags are an overall excellent choice due to our high-quality film and printing capabilities, strong fastening seal and tough tear resistance.

Minimum Maximum
Micron (µ) 38 150
Width (mm) 150 1,500
Length (mm) 200 1,200
Bottom Gusset size (mm) 50 150
Lip size (mm) 40 150
No. Glue Strips 1, 2 or 3
Printing Capabilities Up to 8 Colours
Pouch Y/N Yes
Handle Type POH / Banana Shape

Our mailing bags are accessible in a range of design options to suit all requirements

Resealable for quick and easy returns.

A quick and simple way for customers to open.

Providing a user-friendly experience & dual purpose.

Cost less and can perform the same as Co-Ex.

A more premium and durable product.

Ensuring top security for contents.

Giving you the utmost quality and capacity for printing your brand.

From small accessories bags to large bags that can be customized to your needs.